‘S inging is about balance. In her lessons, she finds a perfect balance between being a critical mirror, safety net, stimulator and protector. She also treats you as an individual and makes sure she approaches each student in a manner appropriate to them, as not everyone needs the same thing and she understands that.’

Lilian Farahani, soprano and former student of Marjan

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Latest news and activities

Masterclass ' Women's issues'

On 03-11-18 Marjan will give a masterclass together with pianist Andrew Clark on invitation of Stichting Vocale Muziek Den Haag. vocalemuziek.com This course is ment for female singers working on female songrepertoire or songrepertoire by female composers. For this course a selection will be made by the Stichting where you can also apply for it. More information will follow on sites and FB.

The French Connection

On 12-05-2-18 Marjan will give a masterclass French opera - and songrepertoire together with pianist Steven Faber ,titled The French Connection, in Zwolle, Koestraat 40 8011 NM Marjan and Steven will work with 8 singers during the day followed by an evening concert. Audience is very welcome during day and evening. More information will follow on site and FB.

Grouplessons Prins Claus Conservatory Groningen

From 2e semester 2018 Marjan will be in charge at the Prins Claus Conservatory of Groningen,replacing soprano Hanneke de Wit. She will take care of the grouplessons with the bachelor - and masterstudents of both Hanneke de Wit and Marcel Reijans. Working together with pianist Victoria Dmitrieva.