‘S inging is about balance. In her lessons, she finds a perfect balance between being a critical mirror, safety net, stimulator and protector. She also treats you as an individual and makes sure she approaches each student in a manner appropriate to them, as not everyone needs the same thing and she understands that.’

Lilian Farahani, soprano and former student of Marjan

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Latest news and activities

'American Stories'

Masterclass ' American Stories' on 30-03-19 Working with 8 professional singers on American song-and operarepertoire. N.Roram,J.Heggie,A.Copland,L.Bernstein,C.Ives a.o. Masterclass 10.00-17.30 h  Entrance fee 7.50 euro Concert        20.00 h            "                   15.00 euro Masterclass is fully booked,but be welcome to listen, learn and enjoy! Koestraat 40 Zwolle

Member of the jury P.C.C.

On 08-09th and 10th of febr. 2019 I will be a member of the jury of the beautiful competition for young musicians: Prinses Christina Concours. Looking forward to this honorable,but difficult task!

Visiting the University of Leeds again!

From Monday 11th of Febr. till Friday 15th of Febr. 2019 I'm invited again to work  at the Classical Vocal Departement of the University of Leeds. On the 13th I will be giving a masterclass for all singers in the beautiful Clothworkers Concert Hall together with pianist Daniel Gordon. I'm looking forward to this! I'm very honored to be asked back again.