‘S inging is about balance. In her lessons, she finds a perfect balance between being a critical mirror, safety net, stimulator and protector. She also treats you as an individual and makes sure she approaches each student in a manner appropriate to them, as not everyone needs the same thing and she understands that.’

Lilian Farahani, soprano and former student of Marjan

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Latest news and activities

Results auditions GOK

Very happy to announce,with a feeling of pride and satisfaction, that one of the sopranos I have been teaching for a while , Yun Park, has won the auditions for a fixed job at the Groot Omroepchoir. Congratulations,Yun

Official reopening private voice studio on 11-05-20

Now the gouvernement has spoken again about the rules for Covid-19/Corona virus the private studio reopens from 11-05-20. I'm happy to welcome again all the private students/singers. We will ofcourse follow up the rules of social distance and hygiene as prescribed by the RIVM! All students/singers are already informed about that!

Masterclass Koestraat 40 Edition III Hugo Wolf

On the 7th of March 2020 pianist Steven Faber and myself will teach 8 professional singers working on the Songs by Hugo Wolf. More information will follow. If you want to get an impression of this masterclasses you can watch it on the Media page.Title: "American Stories"